Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My kingdom for a sauce

By this time tomorrow I should hopefully have flown safely over to the hardly greenish but still very pleasant land of England - where I will be nesting for a whole 4 weeks before returning to Warsaw. For the first 48 hours I will blow my mind consuming information from the vast range of newspaper and magazine articles available for me to read and understand. I shall feel warm at the sight of good typography (sorry Poland) while delighting in the flavour of a ‘Yorkshire Tea’ (“The way tea used to be” - isn't it just the essence of England?) and relish my holiest of holies - a BOVRIL SANDWICH (Did you know Bovril was originally developed to serve soldiers? It has also unofficially sponsored all of my film projects). I shall wallow in Cheddar cheese and delight in the sweetness of lemon curd and marvel at the mystic wonder of British condiments - refined through the Victorian era right up until today - “Please could you pass: the mint sauce, the cranberry sauce, the horseradish sauce and Hellmann’s mayonnaise”. Yes, yes we’ve got Hellmann’s and all the rest in Eastern Europe but it just isn’t the same! (its cream when it should be mousse and the lemon content and quality of the ingredients are sorely lacking)...

Better than all this - my beloved ‘whisper quiet’ (it really is) Mac mini will be replaced by a wallpaper-stripping Powermac G5 dual. My borrowed-from-a-friend 15“ CRT monitor will expand into a vast glowing 23” Cinema landscape and my 250GB Lacie hard disk will mate sweetly with its heaving 1 Terabyte big brother.

But even with such a vast free-flowing Final Cut Pro editing canvas before me, you can rest assured that I shall still be spending all my waking hours in a state of brain-cell-burning creative agony - as I work to piece together some kind of a working preview of my film.

Well, tally ho then...


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