Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Warsaw bread in uprising (video exclusive)

[Looking for the real Uprising? - see end of post]
A public holiday threatens! The food supply will be interrupted by a gut-wrenching 24 hours! Citizens of Poland leap into line to queue for bread! But today the line is different!

Before the end of Communism the sight of Polish citizens queuing for food would have carried no certain amount of political dough. Filming queues or ration cards (especially for presentation abroad) would usually incur the sweaty scissors of the censors.

Today I can film (before the security guards reach me) and you can watch and appreciate (it should about 50 seconds to load) the nostalgic sight of Polish citizens queuing for food.

But all is not as it seems. Remember Antonioni's masterpiece 'Blow Up'? Watch the video carefully. Notice there are 2 women trying to persuade the people queuing of something. I've marked them on the soundtrack to help you.

They're telling the others that they don't have to queue. There are other bakeries open only metres away. They don't have to stand there for 20 minutes to get their bread rolls.

So what's going on? Is it because its Easter? No, sorry its not. The queue is there every Saturday. Does that bakery offer superior products? In my opinion - No - they don't give you what you point at but reach for the old ones. What about a wider range? It does do a few hot snacks but they don't seem popular. Does it offer cheaper prices? Certainly not! What about superior service? (Don't laugh!) Last time I tried to purchase something there I got roasted by the supervisor for trying to buy rolls, cakes and a pizza slice using a whole 100 zloty [£17/€25] bank-note. (As though they are short of cash with queues like that...) Other customers have also commented that the ladies in there possess a higher than average standard of client contempt. Let's scratch off the service...

So just what is it that provokes such diehard brand loyalty? After all they aren't selling iPods or class A drugs are they? The only unique selling point I can see is that the bag that your bread comes in has a nicer look and feel (its paper rather than plastic) than all the other small bakeries in Warsaw. It's almost...dare I say it - Parisian...

But it can't really be that. Can it? The mystery continues.

UPDATE: Looking for info or video on the real Warsaw Uprising? Read about its recent reenactment in Warsaw here and view my video of it here.


Blogger vegas said...

That is bizarre. The bread must be really good in there (do they put something "special" in the dough?!)

22/4/06 2:50 pm  

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