Friday, August 04, 2006

The Tempest Reloaded - Video Exclusive

I never I thought I'd ever find shots of Nazi soldiers on my Final Cut timeline [see previous post] - so with this brief sequence I've tried to make the most of it. Click below for the video. (If the highlights seem burnt out then Windows gamma is to blame.)

About the shooting:
Without a press pass (as usual) I was relegated to jostling for a position with the rest of the gormless folk behind the barriers. Filming through the bars of the fence I had to move the tripod every time I needed to pan more than a few degrees. This is a terrible way to work - you can't follow the action and then people get excited and rattle the fence rattling your camera with them. Unlike those packed into the media zone I was shooting straight into the afternoon sun which is usually a total no-no with video - unless perchance there is smoke billowing into the sky...

In my time filming things alone I've been sworn at, spat on, shat on, hooted at a hundred times, had things thrown at me or planted on me (and that was just in Oxford Street) but this time to my surprise I was in for something different:

Folks, I got sweated on...

Yes, to film through the barrier I was ducked down low, squeezed between the legs of two 'camcorder dads'. As the battle raged I began to feel spots of rain falling against my cheek, but with a clear summer sky above it soon became unpleasantly clear that the drops were not coming from the heavens but from the chubby Zbysek above me. Thankfully the poor chap managed to stem the flow before the uprising was over and my LCD was saved further corrosion.

Shot from a single position I had to flip a few shots to make a watchable sense of space. Compared with a normal evening spent editing my film - making this little clip was great fun - and a thousand times easier.

For those without QuickTime 7 I might manage a Flash version...

Missed my last video clip? Experience it here.


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