Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Polish Post - Enigma

Recently I sent a card to the UK. A few days later I sent the same type of card in the same type of envelope to the same address. The only difference between the two cards was the message I had written inside and the colours on the cover.

On the first occasion I got that species of battle-hardened old shrew so often found lingering on in the safety of former Communist countries' postal and governmental services.

I had written 'UK' on the address. "Ukraine?"' the old shrew screeched. A fair misunderstanding I thought - the address was written in long Welsh place names.

"Anglia" I said, my accent clearly confirming I was a foreigner. She gave me back the envelope and I corrected my error. I communicated 'airmail'. She weighed the envelope and announced with satisfaction:


About 90p - I thought fair enough. I only had 6zl so I was relieved.

A few days later I repeated the procedure. Same card, same envelope, same address. This time it was a much younger hatchling shrew that seemed to have her mother's glasses who took my envelope now boldly marked 'Anglia'. Airmail? Yes...she stuck on the blue label and without weighing it announced:


In Poland it seems you must always pay cash for your mistakes.


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